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Into the West<
Genres : Action Drama Western Adventure Mini-Series
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2005
Episode Runtime : 120 m.

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"Into the West", the Steven Spielberg-produced epic Western mini-series, is comprised of six two-hour films, each done by a separate director. The series covers the settling of the American west and the growth of the region from 1825 to 1890. As the desire for a better life drives thousands of settlers out west, the native inhabitants of the land see their way of life jeopardized. Into the West follows the stories of two families and their struggles as they search for the American dream.
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  • catlady66 - 06-07-2016 6:47:19 pm
    would be nice to able to watch it but no links yet even though it came out in 2015 so come on please were are the links for this show

would be nice to able to watch it but no links yet even though it came out in 2015 so come on please were are the links for this show

A Great Mini-Series!
1 /10
In the spirit of "North and South" comes "Into the West," an emotionally-charged mini-series that chronicles the migration west, and the effects of m ...
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The next best mini series that I ever saw
1 /10
I just finished seeing the final installment of the mini series "Into The West", and I was quite taken with the Indian nation was treated as a whole. ...
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Great Series and Good Performances
8 /10
I've been watching this series since it began, and it really gives both sides of the picture. The performances of Native American actors, especially ...
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Well Done Show
8 /10
I watched this not expecting much, and though the start was slow the show really picked up momentum by the second half. Acting was solid, but the sto ...
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Great entertainment
1 /10
My husband and I have really enjoyed the two episodes that have aired so far and we are eagerly anticipating the remaining episodes. This mini series ...
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Into the West
1 /10
First of all, my husband & I loved the show. We thought it was great!!! I'm really looking forward to the upcoming episodes. I'm even spreading the w ...
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A story every American should see...
7 /10
"Into the West" is an amazing story, that anyone who calls themselves an American should see. This mini-series shows a heart-felt perspective of Amer ...
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Scalping was commonplace and honorable
1 /10
It's interesting to read the comments about the show for me, since I was in charge of props for it. I disagree with the Native storyteller I'm afraid ...
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A Wondrous Journey into the Past and the Future
1 /10
I have diligently watched this series since the beginning. I have re-watched all the episodes at least twice.Having some knowledge of Native American ...
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